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August 2, 2015

I've been working with online poker players for a lot of years and one of the things that has remained consistent is that most do not put enough thought into choosing where to play. There has always been a lot of choices out there, some good, some not so good, and these decisions are much more important than a lot of people realize.

Players often forage out on their own, and do end up learning at least some things about the poker sites they end up trying, but it's far better to advantage yourself of the experiences and knowledge of experts rather than relying on just trial and error. Check out these poker room reviews before you deposit funds and start playing at any poker room:

Information Is Power

With our years of experience and vast expertise in knowing what matters, and our very extensive feedback from the journeys of countless others like yourself, you will be allowing yourself to be guided to much better online poker experiences than if you attempted to do all of this alone.

There is a fair bit of information out there on the internet concerning the options available, but most of it is written by amateurs who don't really understand properly what makes one poker room better than another, and they may not have even played at all of them.

Anyone can write a poker room review, but given the importance of all of this, it's far better to rely on professionals who make their living doing this rather than going with some vague remarks from an armchair reviewer who tend to just describe some of the features and not even consider what's best for you.

While we realize that there's no substitute for the hands on experience that you will require to fully evaluate poker sites yourself, it's still very important to get the proper direction so that you don't waste your time, and worse, have to learn some expensive lessons that could have been prevented.

Where You Play Online Poker Matters A Lot

Even a lot of very experienced players don't fully appreciate the differences out there where it comes to proper poker room selection. Contrary to what a lot of people think, poker rooms aren't similar in quality, and there's some that are clearly more preferable than others.

I've been teaching and coaching poker since the early days of online poker, and one of the most significant ways that I've helped players is to make sure that they are playing at the right poker rooms. Often times, just having them switch from a poker site that is hard to do well at to one that's easier to beat has made all the difference, and I've seen lots of players go from a losing player to a winning one just from changing this one thing.

I also have coached many much more accomplished players who knew that there were easier poker sites out there, but were confused as far as their being able to play there. They often see this as an all or nothing affair, and while a particular poker site may not by itself have enough traffic for them to just play there, this definitely should not prevent them from taking advantage of the more juicy action that it does offer them.

So regardless of what your level of poker expertise and experience may be, it's always important to make sure that you are playing at the best poker sites for you. There is a degree of individualization here as well, and I've seen players who tend to prefer one good site over another due to things like personal preference or the players there fitting their playing style better, but in all cases it's best to start out by being pointed in the right direction.

Knowing The Facts Is Important, But Knowing What They Mean Is Even More Important

Just providing to you a list of the main features of a poker room isn't anywhere near enough. Some features are more important than others, and in order for this to benefit you properly, they all need to be put into perspective.

I like to separate these into the need to haves and the nice to haves. The need to haves include such things as ease of competition and traffic levels. In other words, the players there need to be relatively easy to beat, which affects your bottom line directly, and there needs to be enough of them to make it worth your while to have an account there.

Another need to have is how reputable the company behind the poker room is. This is something that can get you in a lot of trouble if you aren't careful. I've always paid a lot of attention to this, far more than a lot of players have, the ones that got caught up in some very nasty situations.

The nice to haves are important as well, but without the need to haves the site isn't even really worth considering. Nice to haves include things like a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods, fairly quick withdrawals, good customer service when you need it, good reliable software that's easy to use, and so on. This is less important than the big stuff, but this still does matter.

Check Out Our Reviews And Judge For Yourself

In the end, you will be the ultimate decider of how well a poker room fits you, but along the way we want to look to educate you as far as what you should be looking for. Since poker rooms pay you to try them out essentially, you may think that it's hard to go too far wrong in doing that, but I've seen too many players try out rooms and not only lose their bonus but a bunch of their own money as well.

So there's a lot riding on your making the right decisions here, especially when you consider how much better you can do long term at the right poker site or sites. We're there to help you find them, and you are most welcome to check out all the material we have for you on our site in order to make this process easier. Enjoy!

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